The Amazon is a type of character role in any fictional story. Based on Greek Mythology, the character-type is any female who is a member of a warrior society strictly consisting of women. The character-type is often an aggressive female with cunning, abundant initiative and ambitions, often associated with winning (ie. wars or other contests).

The personality of the Amazon often revolves around a superiority complex, believing all other individuals are inferior. Sometimes, this trait is revealed to be the Amazon's critical flaw as they truthfully feel the opposite, believing themselves to be equal as any other individual. Other times, this is a trait that is an element in which to create sympathy for the Amazon, possibly in scenarios where the Amazon is set upon with high expectations from their tribe or family to be superior in all aspects of life and in warfare.

Popular culture often depicts the Amazon as harboring suppressed sexual desires as they spend their entire adult lives training and waging wars, denying any socialization or fraternization with men. In pop culture, specifically in erotic fiction, the Amazon may often times be homosexual or lesbian, holding sexual interest only in other women, mostly mild-mannered women or other times women of equal strength and intellect. Also in erotic fiction, the Amazon is often described as the dominant partner in a heterosexual relationship, often being paired with weak, mild-mannered men who usually are physically incompetent in simple tasks and/or are sexually gun-shy.

Ideally, the age of this character-type ranges between mid-twenties to early to mid-thirties as warriors are often experienced yet youthful and athletic. Unless referring to a character that is a queen of Amazons, the age may extend to a female in her early to mid forties depending on the level of sexual attractiveness that is desired in the character.